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Ill just do it here:

When F (Sniper mode button) is pressed, the "Shoot while going into snipe" variable becomes true. (Because I had just learned how to use variables, I only figured out how to make the objects "BoundingBox" appear. So I use that for a couple of the variables. Figured everything out though now) What this does is that it makes it so that while the sniper is going into sniper mode (Doing the zooming animation) you cannot shoot. In the zoom in method I made it so that the box becomes false after it zooms in. In the "During" part, here is what is going on. The first "If Statement" says that if the gun is reloading you wont go into snipe mode. The "If Statement" in the main "If statement" says that if the person is firing a burst shot, he cannot go into sniper mode until after the 3 shots are done. (Note: Most all of the variables are changed in the methods and cannot be seen here) In the "End" part, it is saying that you cannot come out of snipe mode until after the shot has been taken. This is done by saying that when the sniper shot is taken, the "Box3 BoundingBox" becomes visible. Therefore in the time it takes to do the shooting animation (Sound, the up and down motion) you cannot zoom out on your own. You have to wait until the animation is done with.
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