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"Catastrohpic" Alice errors
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Default "Catastrohpic" Alice errors - 11-09-2006, 04:51 PM

Hi, I am teaching Alice, and have the program loaded on a laptop to use for demo purposes in the classroom. for the last 8 weeks, everything has worked perfectly. Early this week, i created a fairly simple world, and when i opened it again to demo to the class, it gave a "general error" for any and all commands.

Now i can no longer run any worlds (new or saved). I can "add objects" but that is all. I have uninstalled alice, removed any references from registry (manually), defragged the hard drive, and reinstalled alice. I still can do nothing more in any alice world (new or saved) than "add objects".

I don't understand why a complete uninstall of the software would not fix the problem. Has this happened to anyone else? does anyone else have suggestions?

Puzzled in TN!
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