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My flight simulator(Sneak Peak)
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Default My flight simulator(Sneak Peak) - 01-13-2015, 07:36 PM


I am working on the flight simulator, so if you're interested in a small sneak peak. Downlaod the attachment below. Also it's only the sneak peak on the flight and how it works. Further edits will take place. the program is a bit buggy-like.

EDIT: i just need some help actually, on the speed one, not using the spacebar for speed, but using the ctrl to move at a constant speed, so what i need help at is that i just want that when i hit the ctrl button the plane moves at the constant speed,but when i hit it again it stops moving.


1)The missiles now cannot be fired unless the gears are retracted.
2) The camera now does 3rd-person view when the world starts in run.

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