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Dummy objects are the way to go.
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Default Dummy objects are the way to go. - 02-25-2013, 12:56 PM

Originally Posted by MrMoke View Post
Set the camera to a given position for a scene.
Drop a dummy on the camera.
Any time you want to go back, "Set point of view" for the camera to that Dummy object.
I agree with you, just a couple of things to beware of:
1. After you create a dummy object, go to the Dummy folder in the object tree. Open the folder and rename the object. I usually use something like "initCamera" to indicate what this dummy object is for.
2. The same goes for other dummy objects. If you want the camera to have 5 different positions, make a dummy object for each and then just set the Cameras "Point of View" to that dummy object. The camera will move and it will be positioned exactly as it was when you placed the dummy. Again I recommend naming the dummy objects, once you get past 2 or 3 (dummy1, dummy2, dummy3 ...) it is difficult to keep them straight (Not that that has ever happend to MEeeee, of course, but I have heard of others that had this problem.)

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