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Originally Posted by Nita View Post

So I am currently on assignment 6, which is to create an Alice program in which a character sings "99 Bottles of Pop". I'm supposed to use the least amount of lines possible. But I'm really having issues.

I followed the steps to the best of my ability on the page I linked, and I am still not getting it.

Can you provide your movie so far, I need to see what you are trying to do in order to help.
In general you can use The "Loop" instruction changing the values to count from 99 down to 0. The index will then be the bottle count. Or you could create your own index value and using the "While" instruction count the index down to 0 testing its value each time through the while.
As far as the least amount of lines. Don't worry about it, get the basic problem working and then see how you can improve it.


Mark Henwood
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