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Originally Posted by DonnYYY View Post
Thanks a lot, that helped me out a lot more.
but I still can't figure one thing out.
when you start, al the bunnies move ( I know the loops tells them to) but what I want is that at random the bunnies move..
Like this:
- first round: yellow
- second: yellow, green, green
- third: yellow, blue, pink, yellow, blue
so just a random order of movement which changes every round

I hope someone can help me with this!
Oh, poo. A simon. That is what I'm not really good at. But you can fix it with a few more variables. You're going to have to have a maximum amount of times the bunnies turn, though, else we'll be stuck clicking the "New variable" button forever. What you need to do is make 20 (I'm guessing ten's how many bunnies are going to turn) number variables, and sneak them in just like I did with the start method, only there will only be one variable for every turn. Sneak the first variable into wherever the first bunny to spin will come to a verdict. Have it record itself to a certain number depending on which bunny spins, i.e, if the red one spins have it set to "1", the yellow, "2". Fix it up nine more times like this, using the other variables. You will make handy use of the Copy/Paste function, I believe. Then, do the excact same with the rest of the variables only with mouses clicking (events) instead of bunnies spinning. You'll need another number variable to keep track of how many times the mouse has already clicked. Then, use if/else statements to figure out if all of the first ten variables are the same as the next ten.
If you need any more help, I'm still here.

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