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Default 04-27-2012, 10:57 AM

Make a new move forward method for the football.

Place an invisible object at the point where the football starts to travel, and turn it to face the direction you want the football to go.

Change the moving-forward method's "asSeenBy" property to the invisible object.

Make two new methods, one of the football moving up, and one of the football moving down. Set their durations to half of the duration used for the moving-forward method. Then change both of their "asSeenBy" properties to the ground.

Put the two new methods in a "do in order" box, then put the "do in order" box in a "do together" box. Then put the moving-forward method in the "do together" box.

Change the style of the moving-up method to "end gently", and the style of the moving down method to "begin gently".

Add any turns or rolls you think are needed to the "do together" box. Set their styles to "end gently" for extra realism.

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