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New Mouse Look Code!-FirstPerson
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Default New Mouse Look Code!-FirstPerson - 11-21-2008, 10:58 PM

Hey guys, I have almost a year ago stopped using Alice, but when I was working with other programs, I figured out a way to make a mouse-look code the way i wanted to. I previously created one before, but it was less-sophisticated, less-user-friendly, and less-organized. To see it Look at this previous post.

W- move forward
A- move left
S- move backward
D- move right

hold enter and click on the crossfire to calibrate screen.

Look by using the mouse.

Also, this works best by enlarging the screen. Note that you cannot look using the mouse until you calibrate it.

I may/will add more functionality to it, including sensitivity, less-lagginess, and so forth, and produce another version within a week after thanksgiving weekend.

Helpful suggestions/criticism/comments/questions welcomed.

Attached below is the world.
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