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Latest Update - v0.8
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Default Latest Update - v0.8 - 01-06-2013, 12:08 AM

The latest update for the Alice Launcher is up.
Amongst other things, the main changes are:
  • You can now change the splash screen image for Alice version 2.3 and up! This is a pretty neat feature as it involves injecting files into the Alice jar, which is dangerous to do manually.
  • Better handling when Alice crashes.
  • A "Kill Alice Process" button in the "settings" tab and system tray menu. This is useful as when Alice is launched via the Alice Launcher it has an ambiguous process name, which is useless in task manager.
  • It now displays the version in the "about" tab.
It should install the update automagically when you run it.

Here's some splash screens I found on my computer (by me and jedi), these are thumbnails, click for the full image:

The Penguin 2013 one is animated and does work as an animated splash, which is pretty cool .


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