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Tutorial/Beta/Demo is Done!
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Exclamation Tutorial/Beta/Demo is Done! - 12-15-2010, 05:42 AM

Finally after many many hours, i have finished all my core game mechanics and fixed some issues. This version includes 3 working guns, point system, timed game play and some Awesome sounds!

I am now working on the actual story/game but in the mean time enjoy this cover based shooter that i'm calling "Project Awesomeness". Thanks for all the help and models that i couldn't have done without!

<Note; this is only a Demo if you haven't figured that out, Pressing the start game button requires you to play tutorial as there is no game yet>

Enjoy and please leave feed back on anything you guys find, Thanks

<Link>- 48MB's - Awesomeness Click on free download

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<Youtube Page> (Not much there but maybe something you'll like)
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