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Originally Posted by oll View Post
i took a look at it, and it's all readable to me until the actual movement, why do you have it move forwards a distance of y cord/9.5 meters? what's the 9.5? same with the x cord, where did you get the 9.3? sorry if these are silly questions, but i don't see where you got these numbers, and what significance they have.
Thats fine, the point is i have to move the target to the x and y cords, because of the orientation of 0,0, it requires you move it back and left (i think), and the reason we divide it is because we are dealing with pixels which are very small,
and the screens width, at the ground, is only say 50 meters across. So we divide it by a number to account for the size of the screen in meters at ground level, 9.5 and 9.3 are just numbers that worked nothing special about them.

Is this to confusing? I tried to make it as simple as i could, but if it is ill try to make it simpler.

Also does it work exactly? It does on mine im just wondering if different screen sizes work differently.


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