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Originally Posted by RAGE View Post
Alice is a very unique and cool program, but it sucks because it has like over 1000 bugs! I mean I can't even get my world to run because there's a "bug!" For God's sake, I can't even exit my world without it saying that there is a "bug!" I mean, how can anyone even use this program?! Can't the people that make this **** at least test it on a different computer!!!!
It is very hard to tell why your computer does that? But first, are you using the Windows Version or the Mac Version. Everybody wants to know, and so do I. I have no problems with Alice 2.2 for Windows at all. Well, I did, but over time, I managed to find out what was causing them. An error when I tried to run my world was not one of them, but when I add sound to my videos, I still get an error.

Originally Posted by Kel View Post
Hey Rage, if you want spoon-fed cheese with your whine, buy the software you think will make it easy to learn OOP. I'm sure those vendors will happily take your money and still deliver buggy code.

Work to learn the craft, pal.

What Kel is saying is sad, but true. Bought software may be no better than free software. Sad but true. I am 12, but I am old enough to understand that that is how the world works.
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