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Originally Posted by bjia56 View Post
The "savegame" was great!

One question: How did you get the scripting in Alice?
Originally Posted by dubastot View Post
Incredible!... I do have some experience in programming with Python, but I don't know what Jython is. Can anybody enlighten me?
You'll have to enable scripting in Alice first.

Jython is a "Phyton interpreter" made in Java (This makes it able to be integrated into Alice). Phyton is the programing language that's used for scripting in Alice. Java is the programing language that Alice is made in. Instead of using Python's classes and namespaces, you'll have to use Java's (Mainly because Jython is made in Java).

How to enable scripting in Alice:

Jython Guide:

Python Documentation:

Java Documentation/Api Summary:

Easy -
Hard -

Thanks to DrJim for the page:

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