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Originally Posted by Kimura View Post
...Ok this is as far as I got today. I no longer care about the changing colors, I just want my astronaut to collect all the heliums....
I laughed when I read this sentence. Anyone who has put some good effort into any Alice program totally knows that feeling of "Ok, forget it. I wanted to add something really cool to my thing so the program would be really nice like I imagined, but the piece of garbage won't work - so just forget it. I don't care anymore. I just need to make the actual thing work now."

Interesting little game. I like the prize at the end. In the future, for game-play sake you might want to speed things up; instead of 2 seconds for up and 2 for down (totaling 4), maybe just do .5 seconds for each. This still gives the slow motion of moon bouncing but speeds the game up. Another suggestion, change your events from "When a key is typed" to "While a key is pressed" (right click the event and choose 'change to' option) - this way the user can just hold a key down and the method will be called over and over until the user stops pressing the key. Overall, good little game!
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