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Originally Posted by rich0e0rick View Post
best job ever!

i understand how you made it, but god, all that work man, and great job with the menu and the talking bars....

great collision detections

um, a couple of glitches i found that could be easily fixed (i think),

1- when it says you unlock some thing, you wonder where the object that i unlocked is?... you should say you need a house first...
2- no collision detection with the persons your helping...
3-the box mini game doesn't work well (box at top right most of the time) and hard to understand what to do when you play it(your character is bouncing all over and moving around sometimes...

other than that

great job!

seven hundred thirteen thousand thumps up to MADDEN!!!!


1- Yea I probably should have put a sign or something...
2- I actually did that on purpose... but I can fix it if you want.
3- I have no idea what could cause the top right box to not move, It seems to work fine with me... Ill fiddle around with it and see what I come up with.
I have noticed that the ball you are controlling moves by itself sometimes.

I will try to fix all of these glitches, sorry about that...

P.s thanks for the comment!

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