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Need help on this work-in progress game
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Default Need help on this work-in progress game - 11-20-2010, 02:41 PM

This game that I am currently making is a vertical shooter (like raiden, touhou, etc.) Everything seems to be going well despite some lag issues with the shots, but the main concern I have is that there is no way I can make it so as soon as either the player's health or the enemy's health reaches 0 something happens. I tried making it so the camera moves off-screen because I can't seem to stop everything in it's place as soon as the either of the values reach 0. From that I decided to make the camera move away from screen so that they would still be moving, but the values don't change and they're off-screen from what the player sees. If anyone knows what the problem is please help. I have attached the file (ignore the story line haha).

Edit: I should mention the camera moves 30 meters up when you win, or 30 meters down when you lose. I think I'm just going to say "click the reset button to try again" without having to reset values via function and dummies. I haven't gotten the win or lose screens made yet but I will as soon as I get the camera to move as SOON as either value is 0.
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