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Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
That's a good point.

I'll mess around with the code and see if I can find potential slowdowns.

The weird part is, though, that the lag goes away as soon as the guns are offscreen, meaning if you reload the guns at the same time, the lag goes away while they're reloading, then comes back when they do.

That suggests it's a graphical issue, but I tried substituting glocks for the sigs and it still lagged.

Maybe the problem is a compound issue, and the (relatively) graphically intensive sigs are just making the issue more noticeable.

Thanks for mentioning the different weapons issue. I'll look into it while I'm fixing the lag.
Do the sigs have any sort of underlying data when you converted them? like scene information or some type of bump mapping? that might be the issue for the guns, and nice name switch haha

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