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Hey madden,

I just wanted to let you know I'm still working on the knight demo.

I've pretty much have everything solved, but I have a single question..

So far, the way to 'implement' your plan into the project is simple:

Use a While (True) Loop with the 'Knight is above (groundx)' for the boolean operator. This will perform a check to see if the knight is above that particular ground object. Such as ground or ground2 or ground3, etc.
If true, you could have the body of while flag a variable for the movements based on a property (list) of world with numerical only values..

My question is whether you want the object (knight) to move at x% speed on the different ground objects, which is what I'm thinking.. OR if you wanted it differently, then let me know!!! xD

And I've already gotten the components functional in the program.
(I just want to know if that is what you were needing done with it.)


Program basics:
While (True) 'Knight is above ground'
Set MoveX1 (variable) to (object) 0 groundMovements (variable-list)
While (True) 'Knight is above ground1'
Set MoveX1 (variable) to (object) 1 groundMovements (variable-list)
While (True) 'Knight is above ground2'
Set MoveX1 (variable) to (object) 2 groundMovements (variable-list)

The 'movement' (distance) codes for the walking must be changed to the following:
Knight move forward (5 * MoveX1) seconds..
Knight move forward (10 * MoveX1) seconds...
Knight move forward (5 * MoveX1) seconds..
(All the other values should be kept the same, only the distance value needs to have the variable included.)

As for the 'groundMovements' (list) property of world, I would recommend using the following:
Object 0: 1/3
(Speed reduced to 33% when implemented. Recommended for the water.)
Object 1: 2/3
(Speed reduced to 67% when implemented. Recommended for the sand.)
Object 2: 1 (3/3)
(Object at normal speed. Recommended for the grass.)

These changes should make your program slow the knight object based on which terrain it is above..

Isn't the prettiest, but it shows a proof-of-concept, I believe.

I've already got the 'timer' thing for your 'Driver' project done. <.<
Took like, 3-5 minutes..

Just look at the 00_00.Time code.
I didn't see anything there for the timer, so I just built it from scratch.
It should auto-update the variable every second and display the new variable.
So far, it ONLY does full seconds, no 1/2 or 1/4 seconds, though I'm pretty sure that'd be simple enough to work..

Program basics:
Loop (Infinity)
Wait 1 Second
Increment Timer (variable) by 1
00_00 set text to Timer as a string

If you need something 'more advanced' than that, I'm sure I can try sometime later to help with it.

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