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Blackjack (and bad slots)
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Default Blackjack (and bad slots) - 05-20-2010, 04:36 PM

This is just a game i made for a final in my game design class. My teacher thought it was advanced for the class and I was just about the only one in my class who understood how the code worked. I had also noticed that i could not find a pre-made world with a deck of cards in it and thought this would be good to share. Feel free to use the deck of cards i have put in the world.

Tip: I dont know why, and if you could find a way to fix this, but every time you open the game there are 6 lines of code in the method "Blackjack" that must be re written. I have these lines marked and can send you a short video if you have trouble with it. These lines must be re written before you try to play the blackjack game, if all are not reset then the game will crash.

Also for some odd reason if you are delt the five of hearts it will give it to you a second time causing the card instance to slide to the right, it looks as if you only have one card but your total is 10.

Have fun and anny help with the two problems, and anny others, is much appreciated.
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