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Unhappy Help - 08-20-2010, 04:24 PM

Originally Posted by arty-fishl View Post
i have took loads of objects (117 objects) from the community and sorted them into subfolders (8 categories) in a community folder, then took a suitable screenshot of every single object and added an icon into it for a preview (like how you can preview objects in the object gallery when you go to add one in alice).

To add all these objects to your gallery so its easy to get them into your worlds just download it > community then locate your gallery folder ( wherever you installed alice\alice 2.2\required\gallery) and unzip this into it. Then it should be there.

If you don't know where that folder is then post so below and i will add a little world that will run a python script and print out the location of the folder.

it dosent work help it just says you dont have space in that folder how to i make more or what do i do
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