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Hi Whitellama,

Before anything, nice job with the walking cycle animation!

The problem is because of the way the "while a key is pressed" event work. As soon as you release the key, whatever you have in the "During" section is terminated/aborted without letting it to complete. This has many advantages, but when during complex animations (like the one you have), Alice seems to sometimes loose track of the animation sequence. On the other hand, you also have an interesting combination of infinite loops and do-together's for which the termination mechanism seems to be the only way to stop the animation sequence.

Anyways...I think what you want is for Travis to walk while the key is pressed, and stop walking when released. Look at the attached file for my (crude) solution. I made changes to the methods WalkForward and walk for the Travis object. You would need to make similar changes to the WalkBackward method. You also need to tweak the code in walk so Travis ends in a pose ready to start the next step to make it a little more realistic.


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