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Experiment 3 - Gameplay Update!
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Talking Experiment 3 - Gameplay Update! - 07-05-2012, 10:07 AM

========New Additions=============

-Seeker has been glooed together into one object!
-Now has two gunpods located on its back
-Has a simple attack pattern
-Still respawns after death

---------Enemy Bullet Shooter------
-Can easily swap between a variety of bullets!
-Multiple types of bullets can appear onscreen at once
-Enemies can shoot at other enemies (not shown)

-Can be killed (one hit and you're dead)
-Death explosion removes nearby bullets
-During respawn, you can move the ship anywhere onscreen safely
-Three seconds of invincibility after respawn
-Lives system implemented
-Possession attack makes you invincible, but must be recharged after each use (Possession attack doesn't affect enemies yet)

-Music added
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