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Alice99 vs. Alice v2.0
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Default Alice99 vs. Alice v2.0 - 10-21-2005, 08:56 PM

Alice99 was a system where basic forms of your program could be written in a drag-and-drop style, but more complex part of the program needed to be written in a typed form of the underlying python language. Also, Alice99 provided the Teddy modelling package, written by Takeo Igarashi of the University of Japan, and a painting tool, so that users could model, paint, and then animate their 3d objects. The primary purpose of the system was to encourage students to author in the realm of 3d graphics.

Alice v2.0 focuses almost exclusively on the programming portion of the activity: all code can be written in the drag-and-drop editor, and there is no longer a bundled ability to model and paint objects (instead, objects built with modelling/painting packages such as 3d Studio max and Maya can be imported into Alice). Alice v2.0 is designed to help students learning to program in Java-like languages.

-- Randy Pausch
Director, Alice Project

Randy Pausch
Director of the Alice Project
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