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Default 05-30-2010, 03:10 PM

Originally Posted by Niteshifter View Post
Do you know if there's a limit on the amount of elements the list can have before it starts lagging badly or before it just stops altogether?

Your project looks like it's coming along really nicely as well .
Thanks : D

The limit of number of elements in the list is currently unknown. I think you could have as much of elemements as your ram would accept. I don't think that a higher ammount of elements would increase the lag very much. The only thing is that you cannot open the list in Alice's list editor. You'll get an error because it's too large or something.

There is a limit of detail geometry in a single mesh though. OpenGl/DirectX does't support too much vertices in a vertexbuffer. Therefore, in order to have more geometry, I would have to divide the terrain into subparts. The current limit of a terrain is 150x150 vertices. That would mean that you can only use a picture where the width times height is lesser or equal to something around 150 times 150.

If you want to, I could make it support larger detail by dividing the terrain. When I say "dividing the terrain", I don't mean to divide the list, only to divide the visual 3D mesh into smaller parts.

Here's the newest version, The Terrain Builder v2.1.1:
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