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Arrow Chrome Games Review Page - 04-18-2011, 02:01 PM



0-30 NEEDS LOTS OF WORK Needs a LOT of work, and should not be posted yet
31-40 NEEDS WORK Needs a lot of work for release. Very messed up.
41-50 PROBLEMATIC Has a lot of problems, but some things worked
51-60 DECENT It was ok but had to many problems
61-70 AVERAGE Has good potential, but should focus on fine tuning
71-80 GOOD Almost great, but some bugs and issues encountered
81-90 EXCELLENT Was good, minor bugs, knew the path, good gameplay.
91-100 OUTSTANDING! Just about as good as it gets


The Warehouse Gamesfunk 80 GOOD
Another Shooter zero00 85 EXCELLENT
FPS Demo sfunk 70 AVERAGE
Escape to Space Scourge 78 GOOD
Bad Science part 2 sfunk 50 PROBLEMATIC
Escape the Kitchen reuben2011 87 EXCELLENT
Gunguy Game TauTrumpsPi 80 GOOD
Resident Penguin X2495iiii 93 - VIDEO REVIEWED OUTSTANDING
Asteroids Nickster654 65 AVERAGE
Killer Words sfunk 80 GOOD
FPSFinalKimpsci 71 GOOD
Dodge Ball 2 Nickster654 85 - VIDEO REVIEWED EXCELLENT
Dodge Ball 3 Nickster654 83 EXCELLENT
Dodge Ball 4 Nickster654 92 OUTSTANDING
LightBolb Guessing Game DeathXKiller 75 GOOD
Toad Stool Adventure 1 DensetSuNoKaboom 85 EXCELLENT
Toad Stool Adventure 1-4 DensetSuNoKaboom 70 AVERAGE
All you need to do is push Sfunk 65 AVERAGE
Zombie FPS Sorenwinds "friend" 60 DECENT
Asteroids Sorenwind 72 GOOD
Stop the light!!! Sfunk 80 GOOD
City Grave Simsman2011 30 NEEDS A LOT OF WORK
Dodge! InsertName 80 GOOD
Sahara Zombies! BOSTEST57 75 GOOD
My FPS Game AliceMaster00 43 PROBLEMATIC
My Game Counter waqar 50 PROBLEMATIC
My_First_Upload fourbros 20 NEEDS LOTS OF WORK
Full-Control_Dojo GameKid42 PROBLEMATIC

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