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Thanks for the compliment, Arty. I'm trying to get rid of that 'junior' tag, but don't exactly want to spam the forums doing so.

Edit: Hey, what a coincidence. This was my 15th post. Yay, I'm a member!
2nd double edit: Now I just have to see how long it takes to become a senior.

Double edit: I've created 4 or 5 fps's total, but most of the previous ones (excuse me) sucked. I'll give you a rundown:
1. Move with WASD (A and D to turn) and click on the target with the mouse to shoot. Yep, there's no real aiming. And you can't look up. Weapons: akimbo revolver. That's it.
2. Same thing, but better environment. Also, I got an M4 and the pistol. Also, you could pick up a Barret that was mounted on a wall. No scoping though.
3. Ah, now we come to the double keyboard system. Kind of nice, but largely incomplete. Set in snow.
4. Same as above, set in snow, but a lot better and more complete. I could post it if anyone wants to see. You have an M4 and a pistol, and it's pretty nice.
The problem with this (and it applies to all others above it) is that the M4 was made with a bunch of boppers (they're in the amusement park section), and a few other objects vehicled together. When I discovered you could import objects (thanks, X), I started this one. It's definitely my best yet(end double edit).

In terms of the aim getting higher and higher, I meant for that to happen because it's more realistic. In many other FPS games, you have to drag the mouse down while you're shooting to keep it on target. So similarly, you probably want to keep your (excuse me) middle finger on the 'k' key whenever you're shooting (the aim does come down a little bit though, but still not as much as it goes up). Good luck controlling the recoil on the Deagle!

About losing your position on the keyboard, it's happened to me before, but it's getting increasingly rare. It's like your normal typing position (i.e. your index fingers are on 'f' and 'j'), so just remember that you should feel those little stubs on your index fingers.

I'll keep posting updates. Do you think I should post a new update with a new post each time, or just change the attachment? That way, I don't need to make too many posts, but the other way people can't see previous versions.
Edit: I'm probably not going to add a walk animation now. For me, as long as it doesn't disturb gameplay, it's fine.

I'd really appreciate suggestions. Thanks in advance. I probably can't take all of them, though. I do already have certain things in mind, as well.

4th edit: Srry 'bout the long posts, I'm used to typing long e-mails.

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