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Here it is!
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Talking Here it is! - 07-24-2010, 10:41 AM

Got the world for ya. Feel free to mess around with it, but I warn you, there are a lot of events, properties, and methods (though not as much as some I've seen).

Also, if you try to reposition the guerilla, you might run into problems when you play it (I didn't figure out why at first, either). The reason is I made a pivot for the guerilla, so when he turns to shoot at you, the pivot's moving. If you move him away from the pivot, it'll mess up the AI (he doesn't move yet, though). Same thing with the character. To move him (and the camera), use the bush. I probably should have used dummies, but, like mouse control, I didn't know about them.

Many of the gun/vehicle models I think were converted by X (don't have anything against him, but 'super' moderator? He definitely is a great contributor and deserves to be one, but the name just sounds a bit cheesy), so a shout out to him.

When you are in front of the crates, you can press 'g' to switch weapons (it'll let you know when you are within distance). Pop-up menus will appear, just follow them (the UMP requires a code though. If you want it, private message me. I'll probably get rid of that later, but I just wanted to do that since it's my favorite gun).

For any questions, suggestions just ask me on my page.

In terms of good animation, I added simulated recoil (i.e. the character turns backward, the screen turns backward, the guns eject cartridges), there is simulated 'breathing' (when you're idle, the character's upper body moves up and down), you sprint after running a certain time (unfortunately, no walk animation right now besides the breathing, will get it up later-you might have to remind me though), aiming is nice, a simple (but effective) switch-weapon animation, reticle expands after prolonged shooting. Hope you like it. Any and all (most) suggestions are welcome.

Edit: I'll just be posting updates of my FPS on this post (hence xfinal2). So, if you want the file, hopefully I'll be able to put most of them here.
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