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Post 07-24-2010, 09:53 AM

Thanks for the offer.

I'll definitely post it, but it's just that I merely have most of the technical issues down, no real gameplay. There's just one enemy and that's it (for now). BTW, I changed the environment, so that barn you're seeing won't be there.

My idea was for it to be a kind of 'defend your outpost' kind of game where waves of enemies (they'll respawn, obviously) try to take over your position. I'll have to work on collision detection though. I guess I could post it.

I am happy to have one of the more active (and better) members of the Alice Forums review my FPS. As I said before, though, there isn't any mouse control, just a 'double-keyboard' type thing. The main reason it doesn't utilize the mouse is simply because when I started making FPS's, I just didn't realize you could do it (I've seen some of yours, would like to compliment you on them). That thing about how hard it is to control was probably just more of an excuse, but it is true to an extent.
So, I'll probably get it up within the next few days (if not today).

Check back soon!

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