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I am back, I fixed the corrupt a2w world
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Talking I am back, I fixed the corrupt a2w world - 12-29-2009, 06:46 AM

HA, I fixed the corrupt file.

Quite complicated, but I

-found out it a2w is actually a zip file
-opened the corrupt a2w file in winRAR
-extracted the contents to a folder
-found the folder with the file that was missing (as shown on the bug report when it couldn't load)
-took out all the unamed folders from in it.
-edited the element data xml in that folder so it did not point to any of those unamed folders.
-took out another missing thing from the main element data xml
-packed it all into a zip file
-renamed it .a2w
-opened it in Alice
-unable to resolve a reference and unknown error, but
-removed the broken methods.
-saved it



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