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Not what I was thinking of but not a bad idea.
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Default Not what I was thinking of but not a bad idea. - 10-23-2006, 10:44 PM

When I wrote that I was thinking of something more like the "Tutorial Central" that Wings3D has. Lots of individual postings and active commentary, plus key word searchable - see for example the posting for .3ds file import into that program . I had almost given up on loading a file from Blender into Wings3D when I found that posting which gave a very simple solution - export in .obj format from Blender. Note that this started out as sort of a "Black Magic" thing - but later comments added some of the why's.

I won't comment on " *** password limited access to educational material " other than to note that (beyond the basic need to control forum access to protect from malicious attacks - which is unfortunately very real ) such an approach is completely contrary to any concept I had for the tutorial section.

Re the mechanic's of an interactive tutorial similar to the ones in Alice - I have no idea how they were done. I do know that even a non-interactive tutorial of that type is a lot of work.

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