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For starters, I know almost nothing about CODECs.
Actually think you learned half the basic truths about CODECs - you will never have the one you need.
Truth number two - when you do finally get it installed, the first software upgrade will uninstall it.

Movie Maker will typically give you a choice of which CODEC you want to use to render the movie. Look on all your machines and pick the one that is most universal - I tend to pick Microsoft Video 1 or one of the Intel ones. If you do figure out a better way - please post it. If there isn't a common choice, you'll have to pick one, download it from the net and install it - really don't have a recommendation here, sorry.

Note: You might try playing it directly using Media Player (or Movie Maker)- it might be a browser setting that is wrong. Also Mac's tend to need a special converter for .wmf - so it might not be a CODEC problem at all if you are using a Mac, though I think you must be on a PC if you are using BSR and Movie Maker.

Note 2: Looked through my links for CODEC refernces. This is the best I found for .wmf and has a lot of other formats plus Mac and Linux sections - haven't personally tried anything but Media Player 10 which did play the video you uploaded.

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