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Regarding the CODEC question
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Default Regarding the CODEC question - 08-27-2007, 01:43 PM

For starters, I know almost nothing about CODECs. I barely know how to spell CODEC.

Over the weekend, I created four movies using BSR, saved them as wmv files, and posted them on my web site from home.

One of the four had an excessive amount of dead space at the beginning and the others were OK. In those three cases, I simply posted the wmv file produced by BSR.

I used Windows Movie Maker to get rid of the dead space on the other one, and wrote the output from Movie Maker as a wmv file. I posted that file on my web site, and it played just fine on my laptop from home.

However, when I came to the campus on Monday morning and attempted to play that same movie using both FireFox and IE (which in turn invoked Windows Media Player), I got a message about a missing CODEC. There was a link to download the CODEC which I clicked. However, then I got a message that it wasn't available on that site (which I believe was a MS site) and I should search the web using the name of the CODEC. (I don't remember now what the name of the CODEC was.)

The irony of all of this is that out of four movies created using BSR, the only one that caused me any problems using Windows Media Player running under WinXP was the one that I modified using Windows Movie Maker.

Anyway, I went back and made the movie again without using Movie Maker and posted it on my web site. I'm getting ready to go into the lab and see if it plays OK.

On well, this is just a typical first school day in the life of a college professor. Mr. Murphey seems to stand at the door shaking everyone's hand when they come to school on the first day of a new semester to remind them of his law.

Dick Baldwin
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