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More newbie questions.
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Default More newbie questions. - 03-30-2010, 08:26 PM

So I've been taking an intro to programming class this semester and we've finished the first portion of our Alice in Action with Java book and now a final project is due with Alice. This project is basically for us (the students) to put everything we've learned on display. Our professor gave us a minimum-requirements list for our program, on this very short list there are a couple requirements that I'm not sure about. I know that I've done everything on the list, I think maybe the terminology he uses might not be exactly how it was worded in the book (I'm also not having much luck using google).

If anyone could put these two requirements in the most newbie wording possible so my brain can realize what it is I need to do, that would be greatly appreciated:

5. Include at least 3 user-defined functions - class-level and/or world-level. ----- I know what a function is and I've used object functions in my past assignments, his wording is throwing me off, though. Could someone please provide an example (newbie example) of a "user-defined function"?

9. Use at least 2 selection statements. ----- Is this where a user based selection is required and the answer be it true or false each lead to a different outcome? Another newbie example would be great.

Thanks in advance, you guys are always very helpful.
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