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I hope your not attempting the code that I wrote... that was not ment to be your level at all. I was just saying that I'm pretty sure that's why there's the double colons in the middle of Code and Blocks. (Get it? Code::Blocks! )

Anyways here's how you start codeblocks. File->New->Project

inside your project there's a file called 'main.cpp' inside your main.cpp type the following:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(){

   cout << "Hello World, but in Code::Blocks!" << endl;
This will print out a Code::Blocks hello world. Don't add the return 0; because it already does that with codeblocks.

Yeah. I always strive to find the best IDE. Best Java IDE is Eclipse. Best C++ IDE is Code::Blocks, best VB IDE... I have no clue
(Best HTML IDE that I know of is JCreator)
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