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Alice is not open source
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Angry Alice is not open source - 01-14-2009, 04:09 AM

After examining the "source code distribution" I have concluded that Alice
is not actually open source. It was developed with public funds and donations, so they have to give lip service and pretend to be open source,
but it is clear that the Alice developers wish to prevent anyone other than themselves from being able to build from the ostensible sources. If NSF or
Sun or any of the other potential future sponsors cared at all, they would
require at least a little minimal honesty from these "open source developers"
in order to obtain further funding, or demand that they remove the phrase
open source from the FAQ and other project documentation. Only part of
the Alice source has been released. Files are missing and the code has
probably been stripped. Prove to me otherwise by demonstrating how to
build the system.

I had a conversation with someone prominent in the Alice community about
implementing a multi-user extension for Alice, but I am explicitly prevented
from doing this by a project that carefully removes all build information from
their claimed source code distribution. It is like any other area of science:
until other scientists can reproduce working binaries from source, it isn't open
source, it is just another irreproducible result.

Have a nice day!

Originally Posted by kvillave View Post
I am trying to understand/compile/change the free alice source code for alice 2.0 but I am having lots of difficulties.

I contacted the alice programmers and they will not provide help.

Has anybody compiled/changed the alice source code for alice 2.0?

Any help is appreciated.

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