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Two cars
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Default Two cars - 05-02-2008, 08:49 AM

Not the models you specifically asked for but should give you some variety plus a bit of experience importing models into Alice. Both were originally from the Tales Animator site – now defunct and - caution - infected with a virus. Note the license restrictions – primarily you can’t post them in an on-line library.

For Alice, import the .ase file and the .jpg texture. I included the .obj/.mtl files in case you want to edit them.

The Ferrari has a full object hierarchy, so you can rotate the wheels, etc. The Audi as is is just a single mesh. For the photo, I shrunk the original models by about 50X and adjusted the emmisive and spectral highlight parameters to get a “showroom” look.

Lots of car models are available and they usually convert ok with Biturn. If you have a conversion problem, just go to another model. Usually models this simple that don’t convert actually have mesh and/or texturing problems.

Note: You may get warning/error messages when you try to load the .ase files. Just hit cancel and ingnore them - they just tell you Alice can't read the textures directly.
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