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Default 05-13-2007, 12:12 AM

thanks for the swift reply. I noticed on some of the demo tutorials that you could move the skater's arms and legs. That indicates that she had joints and some type of skeleton.

After importing from makehuman to blender all I would have to do is 'rig' the mesh and add actions. In other words make a skeleton/armature make animations using those joints/bones/skeletons/armatures( I use different terms here becasue they are called different things in differne programs) I would have to do this so the kids could make thier own unique models and put thier own animations on them. I was going to teach them blender anyway. But alice would give me a good graphical way or teaching them programming without all the typing of code.

I know they would get bored if they could not make there models walk,run,punch e.t.c So therre would have to be someway of seperating the mesh into parts and adding joints to those parts. HOw is the done with the models that come with alice such as the skater.
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