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First, thanks for the good information in your posting – it’s nice to hear of success exporting directly from Blender. The scaling and orientation problems are fairly common with imported files – there doesn’t seem to be any real consistant convention between tools – and, as you note, it’s something easy to fix.

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Is there as way to separated the mesh into body parts with joints for rotation within alice. This is a MAJOR question for me if I am to use alice in my computer center to teach programming to teens this summer.
I’m afraid the answer to this is a fairly strong no. Alice 2.0 simply doesn’t have any way to alter or modify the imported meshes in any way, except for some very simple sizing options. The local coordinate reference for an object and the various surface normals are also set when an object is imported and cannot be modified.

It sounds like all you are importing from makehuman is the skin of the model it created. I’m not sure how you were hoping to use their model in your class but it would take a lot of effort, much of it in Blender or the equivalent and not Alice, to even emulate the movement, etc. that the “makehuman” model would likely have had initially. Doing an armiture/skin model is bascially not possible in Alice – and even getting close to that goal would be pushing the tool way outside its’ intendend range of operation.
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