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There is a way to make the camera follow the mouse without having to click down, but it doesn't work on the Mac version of Alice. It would still be nice to have this feature as a built in event.

Thread explaining this.

Originally Posted by DensetsuNoKaboom View Post
2.Stretching Objects
I'm not sure if this is already possible but lets say I have a cube and i want to make it wider but not taller. If I use the stretch button it stretches uniformly. There should be a way to make it stretch in one direction or be able to change only width, length or height at one time. Try dragging in a "re-size" method, click on More, go to dimension, pick how you want the object to re-size, then drag it into the viewer thingy majigger.
This does work, however you cant make it happen while editing the world. These methods can only be achieved while the world is running. What I'm suggesting is this: While the stretch object button is selected (the one next to copy object) lets say if I hold shift the object will stretch on its y-axis, when I press ctrl the object will stretch on its x-axis and when I press them both it will stretch on its z axis. Or something like that.

Out of the 7 schools I applied for, Carnegie Mellon is the only one that didn't accept me. They wait listed me, but I hold no grudges. Alice is awesome and Claytronics , om*g. Some one should figure out how to put these two projects together. It would revolutionize not only the gaming industry, but the world... scratch that, the Universe... scratch that, the Multiverse!

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