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Links to References and a Tutorial
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Arrow Links to References and a Tutorial - 10-08-2006, 10:14 PM

Here are two forum threads and a tutorial site to use as starting points.


Both also have useful links for further investigation. Do remember, however, that Alice really wasn't designed for importing and using outside models and be prepared for a bit (or maybe a lot ) of frustration if you do try.

I was not previously familiar with Wings3D. My impressions, after 15 minutes or so looking over their web site, is that it is more of a graphics program than a modeling program. Also, some of the art is very nice . It does export to .3ds and .obj formats so a model should import into Alice, although you'll have go through Biturn (see second thread). (I'd personally recommend the .3ds option, but that's because it's the one I'm most familiar with.) I couldn't tell with a quick look what sort of component (sub-object) hierarchy Wings3D supports so this may be a problem if you want to do something other than a purely static model.

If you do have success with it, please share the results with the forum.


Note: Since posting this originally, I've found some problems with the .3ds format and importing to Wings 3D. This is the only problem I've had with .3ds but apparently it is an old enough format that it is, by modern standards, limited see

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