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Mr. Kidnapper likes planes in general. Or rather, military.
Oh yeah. I forgot about this. By the way, I removed the interior because it increased the model size by 50,000 polys and it wasn't even finished anyways.
It doesn't come with any methods, but here's some things you should know beforehand:
Alice can play the same sound multiple times in the same instance, meaning the "Engine Noise" sound can be made to play for each engine instead of one overall sound, which works better.
The B17-G in this case probably uses split flaps. Probably.
There's a propeller blur. When the rate of rotation exceeds a certain speed, slowly blend the blur in and blend the propellers out. I'll leave it to you to figure out the speed of the blur's rotation.
Landing Light is also a Passing Light.
For most objects I used maritime directions, port and starboard, instead of left and right for consistency.
I attempted the highest level of accuracy when I named the subobjects, so you should be able to google them if you're curious.
General Alert is General. Use it whenever the user does something stupid.
Engine Stall is when the plane exceeds a height limit. This causes the fuel mixture to become too rich to combust, and so the engines stop working.
For once, I was too lazy to make the landing gear go up and down.
Polys: 25,342
Tris: 26,078
Try not to use it on a crap school computer. They can't handle much more than one of these.

The people who made the object made the textures way too damn big (2048x2048), which is more or less something only an AA game would need. If you really want to save space on your world, export the textures from the .a2c file and resize them to 512x512.
If I ever finish the interior, perhaps I'll post it as an official object.
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