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can you convert these for me?
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Default can you convert these for me? - 11-18-2011, 08:04 AM

Need upperBody and a subpart right and left arm
Ill post the game when i'm done. im making brawl

Note: i have tried to convert these files from sketchup to blender to biturn, but when i do, there are no good subparts and i dont know how to fix that.
sorry ill clarify. i need to move different characters arms in a list, and both arms need to come from a chest (upperBody) using partname key. i am sorry for the confusion. i am not critisizing your work, i just mean that it will not suit my needs. can you make it so it has these specifications? whenever i try to convert these objects myself, they come in different random subparts. for future reference, how can i change this, so that i can convert them myself?

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