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Originally Posted by gabe View Post
How about if I put up a survey and if a significant majority want avatars (let's say 2/3, I will allow them for a testing period to see what members do with them.
I agree with this idea. The testing period part, in particular, I find to be very appealing, because it would be good to see what several of the members come up with (but, of course, to all of you funny folk, let's try to keep it appropriate enough ). I don't have any animated pics to post as my avatar, nor do I have any plans of changing my avatar anytime soon unless if I find a sweet picture of the Rise of Legends Doge.

I believe something like this has been posted in another thread somewhere... I can't find it, but I know its in here somewhere. Anyways, it had DrJim with an animated attachment (but not an avatar) of his picture winking. It only worked for about 10 cycles, but it worked nonetheless...

Originally Posted by gabe View Post
BTW, I have upped the avatar limits to 100x100px and 20KB, I think from 80x80 and 19.5KB.
Schweet! Is that for .JPEG or .BMP files?
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