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Default 11-27-2009, 07:11 PM

It's possible guests may have downloaded the files (I know they're not able to post, but they may be able to view attachments, I'm not sure about that though).

And if it make you feel better, only about 20 or so people have posted feedback on Resident Penguin, despite over 200 views.

I guess some other stuff I'D like to see is some more coordinated animation (the skeleton attacks, goes away, THEN the sword swings. If it could be changed so that the sword hits the skeleton, that'd be nice).

Also, maybe you could make the billboards more of a health indicator, similar to what they have in Doom (I think) where the picture starts out with the hero in perfect health, then is replaced with a picture of the hero with more and more damage as he gets hit more and more.

And finally, the addition of a bona fide puzzle, maybe a puzzle-lock for the door that leads to the final boss or a riddle would be cool (you could use an "Ask the user for a string" prompt to get the answer for the riddle, and every wrong answer would get you hurt o0nce until you either get it right or die).

What do you think?

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