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I made a second "madden games" because my first one was getting very big and no one could find anything.
So... Here is my first game, its called FLAG.
I have Worked on "FLAG" for some time now, and I finally got it done today.
Your object is to get to the Flag on top of the castle. You will have to solve many puzzles, and go into many environments on your way there. I am also going to make a walk through, in case you get stuck or confused. So try in out and tell me whether or not you like it.

Game type - Puzzle, Adventure

Controls - Arrow keys to move, left Mouse to click, Space bar, and Enter.
so i'm like really new to this, and when i try to open a game file in alice it says it can't open it, i'll post better details on it later, i'm in school rightnow.
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