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Default 10-13-2006, 11:45 PM

Well it would appear you were correct DrJim. As soon as I started deleting objects it ran better. I did import a large picture file that I made in photoshop too. But it's only about 350kb, so I figure it shouldn't make too large a difference (it also adds a lot of pizzazz ). After deleting some objects and redundant methods and events, it runs again. I did, however, notice that even after I continued to delete more objects from the world, it had a very small impact on the texture sizes. So there's probably some obscure object I have in there that's making the texture sizes balloon so much.
The statistics are now:
object count: 803; down from 864
face count: 67,496; down from 72,907
texture memory: 24.5; down from 26.6

I think the world is rather large to upload; it's about 20mb. But I can upload if you guys want. So it would appear Alice has a lot of trouble running large worlds... hopefully this'll get fixed in the future patches.
It's strange though. I've had an Alice world that was over 34mb before and it never exhibited these problems.

Thanks for your help
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