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Question Seriously? - 08-22-2011, 04:49 PM

Originally Posted by simsman2011 View Post
Anyone help me.....
I want to download a tutorial or something on how to make a bot (computer player) through Alice 2.2 .....
I know it is normal......
but I want an introduction....
Ok just to let you know anything more complicated the a ball that moves around pointing at you and firing spheres at you is really really hard. How complicated do you want your AI? Do you want them to be able to hear you and then see you at specific angles? Do you want them to be more accurate depending on the weapon? How skilled do you want them to be assassins that insta headshot you or idiots with guns who fire in your general direction? Do you want them to take cover from gun fire? Do you want them to coordinate there attacks? You have to think about all thios stuff and keep in mind how complicated these things are. Any game with AI in it is NOT simple. I'll help you out when i finish the AI i'm working on.
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