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Default 09-02-2008, 05:26 PM

accepted (but 70+MB??). Anyhow, I run a computer lab at a highschool and last year we we running 2.0 on the older apple imacs (800mhz, 256MB ram). Although we encountered the occasional bug we did not have any significant speed/response issues at all. I've since got a classroom full of the Apple G4 iBooks with 1.33Mhz cpu, 512MB ram. ALice 2.2 just dies on them. The whole laptop comes to a crawl. No crashes just everything takes 60-90 seconds between clicks. The systems are 10.4.11 with all updates except for the very last java update but as I understand it the Alice app is usually built for a specific java installation (I think). I have pretty much the same personal laptop (except 1GB ram and larger screen) and I dont seem to have the same problems as far aas I can tell.

Going back to ALice 2.0 seems to clear up the issues - still checking it out..
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