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MrMoke 01-29-2014 10:25 AM

Are Lists available in 3?
The Title says it all.

Started trying to migrate a list-structured technique from Alice2 to Alice3, and discovered no Lists in Alice3.

It can be done with arrays, but requires code modifications that negate the usefulness of Lists. :(

x2495iiii 01-29-2014 01:47 PM

I'll ask Mr. Slater about it.

Have you tried importing the project to netbeans? In the event that list functionality doesn't come soon, that may make the code modifications easier.

djslater107 01-30-2014 10:31 AM

Lists in Alice 3
Arrays, as you noted, are in Alice 3, but not yet lists... Lists are coming, but because Alice 3 is designed to support the transition to Java, we want to make sure that our implementation accurately reflects the List classes of the Java Class Library.

MrMoke 01-30-2014 10:37 AM

Makes Sense to Me
Thanks for the response Don

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