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Akusai 10-09-2009 10:25 AM

Fluid Animations
I am having trouble making fluid animations, that is to say, when I make a break between do together boxes it hesitates, making a choppy animation. Does anyone know how to stop this?

x2495iiii 10-09-2009 07:59 PM

Depends on what exactly you're animatig, but most often the problem can be fixed by experimenting with the style property of each method. Click the downwards arrow at the end of each method to open up a menu, then click style, then click one of the three choices besides gently (that's the default).

Some examples:

-To make one action appear as if it happens right after another, set the first action's style to begin gently, and the second to end gently.

-To create realistic up and down gravity motions, make the upwards motion end gently and the downwards motion begin gently.

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